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A diamond has been the ultimate symbol of commitment and love for generations. As one of nature's most beautiful gifts, a deep romantic mystery lies within the core of every stone. We are committed to providing each couple with a beautiful diamond that will shine throughout lifetime. We offer independently certified top quality diamonds, personalized attention, wide-range of custom order goldsmith services, mounting, diamond setting, appraisal services and more. Experienced and knowledgable jeweler works with you to provide you with an enchanting ring for your total piece of mind and happiness of heart. We work to insure every customer purchases a dazzling stone and receives the best possible service. Located on Jeweler's row and open Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm and Satrudays 10am-4pm.

Shop existing engagement rings or wedding bands or custom create your own. You can see your progress as you are making your custom selection, once finished, submit online or call to confirm. We look forward to assisting you.

*A broader selection of carat weights is available. Note, it is best to schedul an appointment to view a stone in person. Please call or email prior to your visit.


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Cut is the diamond’s most important characteristic and often is mistaken for shape. Cut describes how well the stone is cut.

Cut is graded as: IDEAL, EXCELLENT, GOOD, FAIR or POOR. “Poor” cut stones are not sold

Symmetry, proportioning and polish and determines diamond’s light reflective properties. The better the cut, the more luminous and brilliant and the more expensive the stone is. Cut gives the diamond its brilliance, its fire, and its scintillation:

Brilliance - The reflection of the bright white light reflection from inside and the surface of the diamond
Fire - The dispersion of light that appears as flashes of rainbow colors
Scintillation - The intense sparkles in a diamond as it moves

Diamonds with poor symmetry and proportions, too shallow or too deep leak the light through bottom and sides and the stone is not as luminous as a to a better grade cut.


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Besides custom jewelry, diamond engagement rings or diamond bands, we welcome you to design any unique jewelry with any precious stones.

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